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  • Don't pay anything towards your debts for 12 months

The above statement is in relation to a debt relief order solution and subject to specific criteria

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The above statement is in relation to a debt relief order solution and subject to specific criteria

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The above statement is in relation to an IVA solution and subject to specific criteria

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Debt Relief Orders

Debt Relief Orders (DROs) are one way to deal with your debts if you owe less than £20,000, don’t have much spare income and don’t own your home.

Please note, this debt solution is not available if you live in Scotland

If you get one:

  • your creditors can’t recover their money without the court’s permission
  • you’re usually freed (‘discharged’) from your debts after 12 months

Get a Debt Relief Order

You get a DRO from the official receiver, an officer of the bankruptcy court, but you must apply through an authorised debt adviser. They’ll help you fill in the paperwork.

There’s a list of organisations that can help you find an authorised debt adviser in the guide to DROs.

The Money Advice Service has information about where to get free debt advice.


The official receiver’s fee is £90. Your debt adviser can tell you how and when to pay it. In some cases a charity may be able to help you with the cost - ask your debt adviser.


You’re generally eligible if you meet all of these criteria:

  • You owe less than £30,000
  • You are not a homeowner
  • You’ve less than £75 surplus income per month after payment household bills and living costs
  • You’ve less than £2,000 worth of assets (you can own a vehicle in addition to this as long as it is worth less than £2,000)
  • you’ve lived or worked in England and Wales within the last 3 years
  • you haven’t applied for a DRO within the last 6 years


You must follow rules called ‘restrictions’ if you get a DRO.

This means you can’t:

  • borrow more than £500 without telling the lender about your DRO
  • act as the director of a company
  • create, manage or promote a company without the court’s permission
  • manage a business without telling those you do business with about yourDRO

If you want to open a bank account, you may also have to tell the bank or building society about your DRO.

Check the Individual Insolvency Register to see when the restrictions end.

The restrictions usually last 12 months. They can be extended if careless or dishonest behaviour caused your debt problem. For example, you lied to get credit.

The official receiver will tell you if they should be extended. To extend them, you’ll be asked to agree to a ‘Debt Relief Restrictions Undertaking’. The court can issue a ‘Debt Relief Restrictions Order’ if you don’t agree.

What you need to know

While you have a DRO you still have to pay:

  • your rent and bills
  • certain debts, eg student loans, court fines

DROs can be cancelled if:

  • your finances improve
  • you don’t co-operate with the official receiver - eg you don’t give them the information they ask for

If you get new debt after your DRO is approved you could:

  • get a bankruptcy order
  • be prosecuted if you don’t tell new creditors about your DRO

Your DRO is added to the Individual Insolvency Register - it’s removed 3 months after the DRO ends.

Your DRO will stay on your credit record for 6 years.

Advantages of a DRO

  • DROs are a low cost alternative to bankruptcy costing £90
  • All of your qualifying debts are included in your DRO
  • Your debts will be written off in full at the end of the DRO
  • Your creditors can’t take any action over the money you owe
  • You won’t need to pay anything towards your debts for 12 months and after that, presuming your circumstances have not changed, your debts will be written off

Disadvantages of a DRO

  • The strict criteria as above can be difficult to meet
  • If you have a favorable change in circumstances during the 12-month period your DRO may be revoked and all your debts, plus accruing interest, will become recoverable again
  • Homeowners are excluded from applying for a DRO, even if there is negative equity in the property
  • A one-off fee of £90 has to be paid to the Official Receiver
  • A DRO remains on public records for 15 months and will stay on your credit record for six years
  • You may only apply for a DRO once every six years
  • You may also be subject to a Debt Relief Restrictions Order. This can extend the period of restriction for up to 15 years for debtors who are deemed dishonest or culpable to the extent of their financial difficulties. An example of this is hiding assets or continuing to borrow knowing you have no chance of making repayments
  • Certain debts cannot be included in a DRO, such as child support and maintenance; student loans; social fund loads; magistrate court fines; and confiscation orders

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